Our Story


We’ve been friends for over 15 years, business partners for three and supporting each other in our personal wellness pursuits throughout it all! Together we strive to educate, empower and enlighten our communities in the most honest and wholesome ways we know how.

We originally founded The Wellness Market as a way for our small circle of friends and family to express and explore their own mental and physical health and wellness in a safe space. We wanted to introduce our immediate network to everything from art therapy, cupping treatments and meditation sessions - to organic skincare and vegan desserts made by locally run, small businesses.

The Wellness Market became a way for us to fuse together our respective expertise. Erica, a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of Well BYND Wellness Clinic in Toronto and Natalie, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Spiritual Director and creator of the Healing To Begin transformative programs. Together, we both became fiercely passionate about growing The Wellness Market to what you know and love it to be today.


While our core values and goals remain the same, we're overwhelmed with gratitude as we've tripled our reach in just a short three years - becoming a landmark, annual event across the GTA reaching thousands of people every year. We are excited to experience wellness with you!


In love and health,

Erica and Natalie

Co-Founders of The Wellness Market

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