Natalie and Erica have been supporting each other in friendship for over 14 years and counting. They pride themselves in being strong advocates of supporting women in their health, beauty, emotional balance & spiritual composition. Together they strive to educate, empower and enlighten their communities in any way they can.


Natalie is passionate about holistic health, spiritual counselling, energy healing and coaching entrepreneurial women to achieve their highest goals & aspirations. She has focus on guiding women through Sacred Womb Wisdom Healing, Women's Retreats & Transformative Online Coaching Programs. In her private practice she works with women through healing trauma by helping to develop their intuition, individualized spiritual practices & mindset programs to empower them towards living the life they truly deserve. Certified as C.N.H.P., Spiritual Counsellor, Reiki and as Sacred Women Circle Creatrix. 

Erica is a Naturopathic Doctor passionate about women's health, skin, and digestion. She is trained in botanical medicine, nutritional therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture) and lifestyle counselling. She believes that individuals need to feel empowered in order to take ownership of their own self care, healthy habits and health outcomes. Her goal is to work with her patients beyond the foundational lifestyle elements of nutrition and exercise, and guide them to live AUTHENTICALLY.

Natalie and Erica created The Wellness Market to provide a space where women and men can join their community and delve into the world of self-love, self-care and healthy well-being while having fun! You can expect a day of yoga, meditation, workshops, and mini-sessions with natural & holistic practitioners. The very things they each use and enjoy in their own health journeys are what they bring to you at the market!

With love & health,

Erica and Natalie  

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